Map of Chlorophyll a concentrations trend between 1998 and 2019 in the Gulf of Biscay

For the 21 years of the study, an examination of trends in chlorophyll concentration revealed a general decline throughout the Gulf over the production period. These trends, extracted from dynamic linear model, also allowed this decline to be quantified. Expressed as a percentage, a large part of the area below the 50 m bathymetric line showed a decrease of at least 10% over the period, corresponding to a value of at least 0.1 µg.l-1. However, the spatial distribution reveals some more local phenomena. In southern Brittany, from Quimper to Vannes, a particular feature appears, with an upward trend over several kilometres along the coast, followed by a pronounced gradient along the coast. This gradient includes a zone where a continuous monotonic increasing trend is observed, then a zone where the trend becomes not significant and finally, about 15 km from the coast, a new zone where a significant continuous monotonic decreasing trend is observed. The increase in chlorophyll a concentration in the very coastal part is greater than 0.1 µg.l-1 over the period. Another peculiarity concerns the central part, located at the edge of the plateau at Cap Ferrat and Pente Aquitaine, where an increase in chlorophyll a was observed, but the variations remained small, being less than 0.1 µg.l-1. About a hundred kilometres south-west of Saint Nazaire, an area of about 40 by 50 km shows a decrease in chlorophyll a of more than 20%, quantified as more than 0.1 µg.l-1 over the period.




Chlorophyll a, dynamic linear model, satellite time series, climate change


48.708403N, 40.457753S, 0.173522E, -7.915473W


Times series have been constituted with daily MODIS satellite data. Chlorophyll a concentrations have been calculated for each pixel with OC5 algorihm (Gohin et al., 2002 ; Gohin, 2011).


CSV file is constituted with 10 fields. Field P.Value is the result of Man kendall test (Yue et Wang), Résultat...VariationUnité is the variation of Chl a expressed in µg/l
17 MoCSVProcessed data
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