PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset - Phytoplankton time series in French coastal waters

The PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset comprises long-term time series on marine microphytoplankton, from 2003 to 2021, along the entire French metropolitan coastline. Microphytoplankton data cover microscopic taxonomic identifications and counts. The PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset corresponds to a dataset extracted from the PHYTOBS network (DOI:10.17882/85178). The PHYTOBS network provides the scientific community and stakeholders with validated and qualified data on the biomass, abundance and composition of marine microphytoplankton in coastal and lagoon waters, with the aim of supporting scientific research. PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO is a dataset used as part of the Horizon Europe MARCO-BOLO project (, in which we are currently working to understand and analyze multi-decadal trends in coastal and marine biodiversity on a European scale. The PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset gathers data from 18 sampling sites, selected from the PHYTOBS-Network dataset according to requirements of time series quality and geographical location of sampling sites established as part of the MARCO-COLO project. This dataset was also formatted according to a template imposed for the European project.


Biological oceanography


phytoplankton, time series, coastal waters, France


51.451683N, 41.043404S, 10.084008E, -5.956031W


PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset – Phytoplankton time series in French coastal waters
18 MoCSVQuality controlled data
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Alric Benjamin, Lemoine Maud, Claquin Pascal, Abadie Eric, Arnaud Christophe, Artigas Felipe, Belin Catherine, Blondel Camille, Breton Elsa, Carpentier Liliane, Chomerat Nicolas, Christaki Urania, Conan Pascal, Cornet Véronique, Costes Laurence, Courtay Gaelle, Dagault Francoise, Del amo Yolanda, Delebecq Gaspard, Doner Anne, Dupuy Christine, Fauchot Juliette, Francoise Sylvaine, Gabellec Raoul, Hernandez Farinas Tania, Klein Cécile, Lampert Luis, Le Roy Bertrand, Lebon Fabien, Lefebvre Alain, Legendre Aurelie, Lejolivet Aurore, Lemee Rodolphe, Leynaert Aude, Manach Soazig, Marro Sophie, Menet-Nedelec Florence, Meteigner Claire, Marco-Miralles Francoise, Neaud-Masson Nadine, Nezan Elisabeth, Perriere-Rumebe Myriam, Queguiner Bernard, Retho Michael, Rigaut-Jalabert Fabienne, Sauriau Pierre-Guy, Schapira Mathilde, Serais Ophelie, Simon Nathalie, Vidussi Francesca, Vuillemin Renaud, Auby Isabelle, Beker Beatriz, Breret Martine, Caillard Elise, Chabirand Jean-Michel, Chiantella Claude, Crispi Olivier, Deton-Cabanillas Anne-Flore, Duquesne Vincent, Duval Audrey, Fiandrino Annie, Genauzeau Sylvie, Gle Corine, Guesdon Stephane, Guilloux Loïc, Hebert Pascale, Hitier Benoist, Hubert Clarisse, Jolly Auriane, Labatut Paul, Leredde Yann, Malestroit Pascale, Maria Eric, Mas Sébastien, Mostajir Behzad, Olivesi Rene, Pineau Philippe, Piraud Aude, Ryckaert Mireille, Schmitt Anne, Thorel Maxime, Vaulot Daniel, Viprey Manon, Bergeret Julie, Foulon Elodie, Gourvil Priscilla, Le Gall Florence, Lebrun Luc, Not Fabrice, Ristori Stéphanie, Terre Terrillon Aouregan, Hoebeke Mark, Rouilly Arnaud, Siltanen Jukka (2024). PHYTOBS-MARCOBOLO dataset - Phytoplankton time series in French coastal waters. SEANOE.

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