COAST-HF - SCENES station dataset from 2015 to 2022 - environmental parameters

The SCENES monitoring station is part of the SNO COAST-HF national network (ILICO-RI), and the regional PHRESQUES observation network. The station includes i) a surface buoy equipped with a CTD and an optical turbidity and fluorescence sensor measuring approximately 1.5m below surface and ii) a benthic station equipped with an optical turbidity sensor and an up-looking ADCP (before Oct. 2017 – optical sensor ~ 1.4m above the bed, after Oct. 2017 : 0.5m above the bed). Due to technical problems, the time series, for all sensors, is discontinuous.

Optical turbidity measurements can be transformed in suspended particulate matter concentration (SPMC, in g/l) using a calibration relationship built from the PHRESQUES field campaigns (SPMC=0.00156*NTU+0.001).

The acoustic backscatter signal was processed to retrieve SPMC values using optical turbidity sensors and observations from the PHRESQUES Field campaigns. 

This dataset allows to investigate hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics from the tidal scale to the seasonal and interannual scale from water level, current velocity, salinity, temperature and SPM concentration measurements. Please refer to associated publications.


Marine geology, Physical oceanography, Biological oceanography, Environment


Seine Estuary, COAST-HF, PHRESQUES, high frequency monitoring, current velocity, salinity, temperature, turbidity, suspended particulate matter concentration, fluorescence


49.4807N, 49.4807S, 0.0322E, 0.0322W


Surface : CTD sensor (Hydrocat Seabird Coastal), optical turbidity and fluorescence sensors (Wetlabs FLNTUSB)

Bottom :  optical turbidity sensor (Wetlabs NTUSB); ADCP (Nortek AWAC 1MHz)


SCENES station netcdf data file
349 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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