Stationary visual census of commercial fishes in Mayotte (2023)

Since its establishment in 2010, the Mayotte Marine Natural Park has been promoting fishing activities beyond the lagoon, specifically targeting pelagic species to alleviate fishing pressure on reef species. However, despite these efforts, catches of reef fish remain notably high. In 2020, reef carnivores (groupers, snappers…), constituted approximately 35% of the total catches. Ensuring the sustainability of reef fishing necessitates regular assessments of Mayotte's commercial reef fish populations. This study aims to evaluate the current status of these populations and comprehend their dynamics by comparing them with historical data. Scuba diving was employed for the assessment of ichthyological populations and habitat description. In 2023, a total of 96 sites, comprising 1,100 stations (Stationary visual census), were sampled, covering a combined sampled area of 169,400 m2, with an in situ observation duration totalling 110 hours.


Fisheries and aquaculture


Stationary Counting Point, Mayotte, Commercial fishes


-12.454039N, -13.119634S, 45.401471E, 44.824688W


Stationnary visual census of commercial fishes - Mayotte (2023)
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Characteristics of counting point stations
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Metadata habitat stations
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Parc Naturel Marin de Mayotte, Wickel Julien, Pinault Mathieu, Nicet Jean-Benoit, Mulochau Thierry, Durville Patrick (2023). Stationary visual census of commercial fishes in Mayotte (2023). SEANOE.

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