Characterisation of the wave field induced by tropical cyclone Larry from a multi-sensor approach

These datasets characterize the wave field generated by tropical cyclone (TC) Larry during its life cycle.

A first dataset (observations) gathers measurements of waves generated by Larry, performed by 4 different sensors (sensors are defined below). Data are presented as wave systems (partitions) defined by their location and time of measurement, and their direction of propagation, wavelength or period, and significant wave height. Taking advantage of the dispersion relationship in deep water, trajectories followed by wave energy along great circles provides the time of generation of each wave system by tropical cyclone Larry (cf wave rose on illustration).

In a second dataset (life_cycle), tropical cyclone wind field characteristics and wave characteristics obtained from the first dataset (mean wavelength emitted, asymetry between waves emitted towards the front and the rear) are provided as function of time during the TC life cycle.

A jupyter notebook is provided to plot the four figures in the related paper, and use both datasets.


Physical oceanography


Waves, Tropical cyclones, Multi-sensor, Wave propagation


Different sensors are considered. Measurements are considered outside the cyclone area.

Two sensors embedded on board satellites:

- SAR sensor onboard  Sentinel-1, acquisitions in wave mode, level 2. Obtained wave spectra are separated into wave partitions to identify the different wave systems.
- SWIM sensor onboard CFOSAT, L2S product (partitions). Only angles of incidence 6, 8 and 10 degrees are considered.
- SOFAR Spotter drifting buoy network. Wave spectra are reconstructed using Maximum Entropy Method and partitionned.
- NDBC moored buoy network. Integrated parameters are considered.


Jupyter notebook to plot the four figures in the paper, and use the datasets
834 Ko.ipynb
Tropical cyclone wind and waves characteristics during the life cycle
64 KoNetCDFProcessed data
Dataset of observations, flagged as generated by Tropical Cyclone Larry, with their back propagation trajectory (NDBC, Sentinel-1 and CFOSAT. Spotter data will be added later)
55 MoNetCDFProcessed data
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