Tools for the analysis of swells in SWOT satellite data - version 1

This software package and sample analyzed data is a first version of a suite of swell analysis from SWOT 250-m posting data (unsmoothed). The tools allow to select regions for spectral analysis, identify swell signature, remove the 180° ambiguity on the direction of propagation and subtract a noise level. More details can be found in :

Fabrice Ardhuin, Beatriz Molero, Alejandro Bohé, Frédéric Nouguier, Fabrice Collard, Isabel Houghton, Phase-resolved swells across ocean basins in SWOT altimetry data: revealing centimeter-scale wave heights including coastal reflection, Geophys. Res. Lett. (in review)


Physical oceanography


swell, WAVEWATCH III, SWOT, Spotter


The analysed data is coming from the Karin instrument on board the SWOT satellite mission.


python code and jupyter notebooks forming the analysis toolbox
5 MoThis is a tar file containing python code, pickle data and jupoyter notebooks.
example of processed SWOT data in the form of swell spectra, and integrated parameters
105 Mopython npz files bundled in a tar.gz archiveProcessed data
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