Fishery survey in 1949 in the Tunisia (South-West Mediterranean)

This dataset contains an inventory of the benthic fauna of the Tunisian coasts by bottom trawling and dredging. The objectives are not known. We assume that this is an exploratory seabed trawling survey to assess the fishing possibilities in the region with this gear. We know that the inventory was written by Jacques Ancellin (director of the Boulogne-sur-Mer laboratory after the Second World War and he joined the OSTPM in 1942). Only species presence were recorded.


Fisheries and aquaculture, Environment


Tunisia, South-western Mediterranean, benthic invertebrates, trawling, demersal fishes, benthic fishes


39.43N, 33.25S, 12.33E, 8.19W


The sampling strategy and gear characteristics are not known. The gear includes different bottom trawling and dredging techniques. They systematically target bentho-demersal species.


The present dataset is composed of a xls file with 3 sheets: information describing the structure and content of table, and operation and catch containing the data.
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Roger Sibylle, Vaz Sandrine, Tessier Emmanuel, Cheret Isabelle, Verin Yves (2024). Fishery survey in 1949 in the Tunisia (South-West Mediterranean). SEANOE.

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