CHALIST survey catch data: Bentho-demersal assemblages of the Gulf of Lion (North-western Mediterranean) from 1983 to 1992

This dataset includes all the CHALIST surveys between 1983 and 1992, that is five surveys undertaken in 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1992. The aim of CHALIST surveys was to evalute the demersal resources of the Gulf of Lion in order to monitor annual variations of the main commercial species in terme of spatial distribution, average weight and size and age compositions and abundance indices. All the target species collected were identified, weighted and counted. Length measurements were also carried out for a number of species.


Fisheries and aquaculture, Biological oceanography, Environment


Gulf of Lion, North-western Mediterranean, benthic invertebrates, trawling, fishes inventory


43.5233N, 42.4S, 5.9083E, 3.0483W


Studies analyzing the spatial and temporal dynamics of demersal resources are based on experimental studies repeated at more or less regular intervals during a specific time of year. The result is the acquisition for each survey of a density table of the species sampled at the different stations. This study was carried out by working on 6 bottom trawl surveys. Each of the surveys was carried out every year at the same period, in June, between 1983 and 1992. The sampling plan used was a random plan stratified according to depth and geographical area. The research vessel used was a bottom trawl (the Drezen 20PM), having a vertical opening of less than 1.8m. The trawl hauls lasted approximately 30 minutes for a depth between 10-150m and 60 minutes for a depth of 150-500m. They systematically targeted bentho-demersal species in Gulf of Lion.


The present dataset is composed of a xls file with 5 sheets: information describing the structure and content of tables, and the remaining sheets containing the data.
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