BIOGEOCHEMICAL dataset collected during the SWINGS cruise

SWINGS ( is a multidisciplinary 4-year project fully dedicated to elucidate trace element sources, transformations and sinks along a section crossing key areas of the Southern Ocean (SO). SWINGS aims at 1) establishing the relative importance of sedimentary, atmospheric and hydrothermal sources of trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the Indian sector of the SO, 2) investigating the drivers of the internal trace element cycles: biogenic uptake, remineralization, particle fate, and export, and 3) quantifying TEI transport by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the complex frontal areas at the confluence between Indian and Atlantic Oceans.


Biological oceanography, Chemical oceanography


-23N, -58S, 82E, 30W


Zhang et al. data
1 MoCSVQuality controlled data
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Planquette Helene, Barut Guillaume, Baudet Corentin, Belhadj Moustafa, Benito Lea, Berthelot Hugo, Blain Stéphane, Cardinal Damien, Cassar Nicolas, Cassou Christophe, Chowdhury Subhadeep, Clerc Corentin, Cotard Edwin, Cotté Cedric, de Saint léger Emmanuel, Deteix Valentin, D'Ovidio Francesco, Fawcett Sarah, Fin Jonathan, Forrer Heather, Fourquez Marion, Gadegaonkar Sharvari Sunil, Gest Léa, Goddard-Dwyer Millie, Gonzalez Santana David, Gueneugues Audrey, Hamelin Bruno, Heimbürger-Boavida Lars-Eric, Izard Lloyd, Jacquet Stéphanie, Kestenare Elodie, Lacan Francois, Lagarde Marion, Landing William, Lemaitre Nolwenn, Leon Morgane, Le Roy Emilie, Leseurre Coraline, Liao Wen-Hsuan, Lo Monaco Claire, Lopes Christian, Mignon Claude, Obernosterer Ingrid, O' sullivan Edel, Perault Fabien, Planchon Frederic, Ringard Antoine, Ryan Keogh Thomas, Sanial Virginie, Sarthou Géraldine, Saito Mak, Sergi Sara, Shiller Alan, Steiner Zvika, Torres-Rodriguez Natalia, Tréguer Gwendolyn, Turnbull Isobel, Van Beek Pieter, Vivier Frédéric, Vorrath Maria-Elena, Whitby Hannah, Zhang Rui (2024). BIOGEOCHEMICAL dataset collected during the SWINGS cruise. SEANOE.

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