MESURHO coastal station time series (2009-2021) : long-time high frequency monitoring off the Rhone River mouth

The MesuRho station is a multi-parameter observing platform located at the Rhone River mouth and installed on a navigation buoy, Roustan Est. It is dedicated to the study of trends and impacts of extreme events (floods, storms, heat waves) on hydrology, currents, biogeochemistry and sedimentary dynamics.

During the period 2009-2021, the station was located 2,5km away from the river (43.1913°N, 4.5197°E), where the averaged water depth evolved from 20 to 17m depth.

Near real-time data were acquired every 30 minutes for most of them and transmitted to the Coriolis data Center to support operational oceanography and facilitate maintenance. Near real-time qualified data are provided, together with post-processed data of velocity and waves from the ADCP. Raw delayed time hydrology data (from Hydrocat and Wisens CTDs) are also provided.

The MesuRho station is a component of the national high frequency coastal observing network COAST-HF ( from the ILICO research infrastructure ( and of the Rhône Sediment Observatory (OSR). Near real-time data can be displayed and downloaded from the website:




Coastal Oceanography, River plume, Sediment dynamics, coastal buoy, Rhone River, high frequence monitoring, long-term evolution, transient events


43.344883N, 43.311885S, 4.885379E, 4.8W


* Real-time instrumentation:

Aerial part (about 7.5m above sea level): meteorological station Waisala WXT510 (wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, rain, humidity), Skye Quantum PAR

Subsurface level (2.5m depth):  multiparameter probe Smatch NKE [hydrology (CTD, VTW sensor), turbidity (Seapoint sensor), dissolved oxygen (Andderaa sensor) and fluorescence (Turner Design sensor)]

Seabed (17-20m depth): RDI 600kHz ADCP equipped with a NEMO feature (velocity, wave parameters, temperature and pressure)

* autonomous probes in subsurface (2m): CTDs (Seabird Hydrocat and STPS) 


Real-time data with automatic Quality Control
422 MoCSVRaw data
Delayed-time CTD data from STPS subsurface sensors
3 MoCSVRaw data
Delayed-time current data from ADCP (processed)
315 MoNetCDFProcessed data
Delayed-time CTD data from Hydrocat subsurface sensor
1 MoCSVRaw data
Delayed-time wave data from ADCP (processed)
2 MoCSVProcessed data
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Pairaud Ivane, Repecaud Michel, Fuchs Rosalie, Ravel Christophe, Chavanon Fabienne, Quéméner Loïc, Herlory Olivier, Bonnat Armel, Le Roux Jean-Francois (2023). MESURHO coastal station time series (2009-2021) : long-time high frequency monitoring off the Rhone River mouth. SEANOE.

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