Underwater visual census around anchored FAD in Mayotte

To improve our knowledge of the aggregation of species around anchored FADs in Mayotte, diving surveys are carried out every 3 months on 3 FADs. Various environmental parameters are also collected in order to establish links between them and aggregations.


Fisheries and aquaculture


Anchored fish aggregagting device, Species diversity, Aggregated, Mayotte


-12.39912N, -13.154472S, 45.499878E, 44.708862W


Environmental parameters during the visual census
12 KoXLS, XLSXQuality controlled data
Species composition
13 KoXLS, XLSXQuality controlled data
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Parc Naturel Marin de Mayotte (2024). Underwater visual census around anchored FAD in Mayotte. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/100437

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