Morphological traits measured for 89 fish species sampled in the Mediterranean Sea during MEDITS scientific surveys

Date 2016-01
Temporal extent 2011 -2013
Author(s) Brind'Amour Anik1, Mérigot Bastien2, Ordines Francesc3, Carbonara Pierluigi4, Follesa Maria4, Jadaud Angelique5, Maiorano Porzia6, Rabiller ManuellaORCID1, Denis Axelle2, Di Santo Carla2, Cavaillé Thomas2, Theil Andréa2, Spedicato Maria Teresa7
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Unité Ecologie et Modèles pour l'Halieutique, rue de l'Ile d'Yeu, B.P. 21105, 44311 Nantes cedex 3, France
2 : Université de Montpellier, UMR MARBEC, Station Ifremer, Avenue Jean Monnet, BP 171, 34203 Sète, France
3 : Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Centre Oceanogràfic de Balears, Moll de Ponent s/n, 07015 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
4 : Department of Life Science and Environment ,University de Cagliari, Via T. Fiorelli, 1 , 09126 Cagliari, Italy
5 : IFREMER, Laboratoire Halieutique Mediterranée, UMR MARBEC, Avenue Jean Monnet, BP 171, 34203 Sète, France
6 : University of Bari Aldo Moro, Department of Biology, Via Orabona, 4 – 70125 Bari, Italy
7 : COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca, Stazione Sperimentale per lo Studio delle Risorse del Mare, Via dei Trulli, 18/20, 70126 Bari - Torre a Mare, Italy
DOI 10.17882/41825
Publisher SEANOE

The data come from organisms and pictures collected during the MEDITS annual bottom trawl surveys conducted between 2011 and 2013 (Bertrand et al. 2002). MEDITS surveys cover the continental shelf (10 m to 200 m depth) and the upper part of the continental slope (200 m to 800 m) on the Mediterranean. A total of 1511 individuals from 85 fish species were collected from seven Mediterranean areas (South Adriatic Sea, Sardinia, Gulf of Lions, around Cyprus, Mallorca, Tyrrhenian Sea, and North West Ionian Sea). A set of 14 morphological traits related to the habitat and the diet of the species were measured in the field and on pictures using the ImageJ software (version 1.47, (see Granger et al. 2015 and Brind'Amour et al. submitted for details) (Figure 1). Replicats of measures vary between 1 (e.g. Scorpaena loppei) to 53 (e.g. Serranus hepatus) according to fish species. Twelve of the chosen traits consist in continuous biological characteristics measured on each individual (measured in cm). The two remaining traits are categorical and determined at the species level.

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Brind'Amour Anik, Mérigot Bastien, Ordines Francesc, Carbonara Pierluigi, Follesa Maria, Jadaud Angelique, Maiorano Porzia, Rabiller Manuella, Denis Axelle, Di Santo Carla, Cavaillé Thomas, Theil Andréa, Spedicato Maria Teresa (2016). Morphological traits measured for 89 fish species sampled in the Mediterranean Sea during MEDITS scientific surveys. SEANOE.