EUREC4A-OA experiment: Air-Sea Flux Mast Data

As part of the EUREC4A-OA project (H. Bellenger, S. Speich, LMD), which is the French oceanographic component of the larger EUREC4A field experiments, the “flux mast” national instrument was installed on the Reseach Vessel R/V Atalante from Genavir. The flux mast holds instruments that measure atmospheric turbulence and meteorological variables. The collected data are used to estimate the turbulent fluxes of momentum and heat at the air-sea interface. Specifically, the flux mast instruments measure  air pressure, air temperature, humidity, air refraction index, H2O, the three components of the wind vector, and the upward and downward solar and infrared radiation fluxes. The fluxes calculated are the latent and sensible heat fluxes, and the friction velocity.


Environment, Physical oceanography


Air-SeaTurbulence, Fluxes, Radiation, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind speed


13.189257N, 6.293428S, -52.399057E, -59.779758W


  •  prototype microwave refractometer (developed at LATMOS laboratory, see Delahaye etal., 2001): air refraction index, sampled at 50 Hz
  • BEI motion pack Inertial Motion Unit: Six degrees of freedom (three linear accelerations,three angular velocities), sampled at 50 Hz
  • Gill HS-50 sonic anemometer: u, v, w wind components, and sonic temperature, at 50 Hz
  • Campbell Li-Cor LI 7500 DS instrument: CO 2 (μmol/mol, mol/m3, absorbance), H 2 O (μmol/mol, mol/m3, absorbance), dew point, at 20 Hz
  • weather station Vaisala WXT 520: Air temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure, wind direction, wind speed, and precipitation, at 1 Hz
  • Campbell CNR4 pyranometer and pyrgeometer: Upward and downward radiation fluxes (solar and infrared) at 1 Hz
  • GPS: position, followed route, and ship speed, at 1 Hz.


FLUX MAST EUREC4A 2020 experiment, level 2 surface and air-sea turbulent fluxes
1 MoNetCDFQuality controlled data
EUREC4A experiment: Technical report LASIF 2020-03DB
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Bourras denis, Geyskens Nicolas, Reverdin Gilles, Clémençon Aurélien, Barrois Hervé, Branger Hubert, Luneau Christopher (2020). EUREC4A-OA experiment: Air-Sea Flux Mast Data. SEANOE.

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