A comprehensive and updated compilation of the seismic stratigraphy markers in the Western Mediterranean Sea

The Western Mediterranean Sea is a natural laboratory to address questions about the formation and evolution of continental margins and the relationship between surface and deep processes. The evaporites deposited during the late Miocene’s Messinian Salinity Crisis (MSC) strongly impact its sedimentological and geomorphological evolution. Hereafter, we present a compilation of some of the main regional seismic stratigraphic markers throughout the Western Mediterranean Sea. We provide in xyz format (z in second twt) the original, not interpolated, points interpretation of the following horizons: i) Acoustic basement, ii) Base and Top of the MSC salt, also known as Mobile Unit (MU), iii) base Pliocene and iv) Seafloor. The available reflection seismic dataset, coming from a collaboration between French, Spanish, Algerian and Italian research institutes, covers most of the Western Mediterranean sub-basins with the exception of the Ligurian Basin. This compilation is currently the most comprehensive and updated available in literature and provides a useful contribution to the scientific community working in sedimentary, tectonics and geodynamics studies in the Western Mediterranean Sea.


Marine geology


Western Mediterranean Sea, Stratigraphic markers, Messinian Salinity Crisis


45.303122N, 34.564698S, 10E, -5.822268W


Acoustic basement
400 Moxyz
Base salt
89 Moxyz
Top salt
81 Moxyz
Base Plio-Quatenary
311 Moxyz
552 Moxyz
Framework, description and contributions of the seismic stratigraphy compilation
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Bellucci Massimo, Pellen Romain, Leroux Estelle, Bache Francois, Garcia Marga, Do Couto Damien, Raad Fadl, Blondel Simon, Rabineau Marina, Gorini Christian, Moulin Maryline, Maillard Agnes, Lofi Johanna, Del ben Anna, Camerlenghi Angelo, Poort Jeffrey, Aslanian Daniel (2021). A comprehensive and updated compilation of the seismic stratigraphy markers in the Western Mediterranean Sea. SEANOE. https://doi.org/10.17882/80128

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