Vent assemblage and substratum of the Eiffel Tower hydrothermal edifice from 1994 to 2008

The Eiffel Tower hydrothermal edifice is a large structure of ~450 m2 located 1700 m deep at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent field. Since its discovery in 1992, the edifice has been repeatedly visited at pluriannuel time scales. Photomosaics of different sides of the edifice were assembled based on videosequences acquired from 1994 to 2008. Surface of substrata and vent megafaunal assemblages were delimited and their total cover were extracted to investigate their dynamics over time.


Biological oceanography


Vent ecology, Temporal monitoring, Hydrothermal edifice, Photomosaics, Chemosynthetic ecosystem, Deep sea, Underwater imagery


37.17N, 37.17S, -32.16E, -32.16W


List of year, cruise, vessel, underwater vehicle used:

- 1994, DIVA1, Nadir, Nautile

- 1994, DIVA2, Nadir, Nautile

- 1997, MARVEL, L'Atalante, Nautile

- 1997, FLORES, L'Atalante, Nautile

- 1998, PICO, Nadir, Nautile

- 2001, ATOS, L'Atalante, Victor

- 2002, SEHAMA, L'Atalante, Victor

- 2005, EXOMAR, L'Atalante, Victor

- 2006, MoMARETO, Pourquoi Pas?, Victor

- 2008, MoMAR08, L'Atalante, Victor


Annotation of assemblages and vent fluids annotated over mosaics
39 MoIMAGEProcessed data
RGB code of assemblages annotated on mosaics
430 octetsCSV
Assemblage cover of the sides of Eiffel Tower from 1994 to 2008
3 KoCSVProcessed data
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Assemblage mosaics extracted from .psd files
14 MoIMAGEProcessed data
Extraction of annotation layers from .psd file mosaics
2 KoPython script
Extraction of cover percentages from assemblage annotation layers stored as .png mosaics.’
3 KoPython script
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Cuvelier Daphné, Van Audenhaege Loic, Perrois Garance, Matabos Marjolaine, Sarrazin Jozee (2023). Vent assemblage and substratum of the Eiffel Tower hydrothermal edifice from 1994 to 2008. SEANOE.

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