ATLAS - Advanced ecosysTem monitoring in ecoLogicAl obServatory

This pilot project aimed at setting a baseline of eDNA integration with other techniques/end users communities, that can be applied on fixed monitoring points such as cabled observatories. It comprises several aspects:

a - monitoring capability aspects on the integration of multiple independent datasets (images, sounds, environmental parameters with molecular genetics approaches), methodological for eDNA (time point sampling using Niskin bottles + filtration vs. autonomous sampler over 24 hours’ period), and use of time-series as a benchmark for comparison.

b - methodological aspects to expand the use of eDNA to evaluate the biodiversity monitoring efficiency in a coastal technological hub. The use of different primer combinations would provide feedback on hidden biodiversity components never measured with present sensor assets.

c - Validation aspects on the pathway or the creation of in-situ operating eco-genomic sensors: Automated eDNA sampler coupled with time point sampling could be redefined in terms of number (more sampling throughout the day) or filtering larger amounts of water. Comparisons in monitoring capabilities by manual sampling and remotely scheduled filtering to be used as a benchmark to set optimum volumes and frequency of filtering.

d - Data processing and statistic elaboration aspects: extract (prior) information from the long time series of OBSEA images, abiotic measurements, and how eDNA can complement the monitoring process, to test hypotheses and cause/effect relationships associated with in situ manipulations.




eDNA, fish metabarcoding, video imaging


41.1811N, 41.1801S, 1.75165E, 1.7501W


The dataset contains the polished ASVs after Illumina sequencing of 12S and cytb genes for fishes, counts by grouping, species in each sample, and all information associated with the samplings.
75 KoXLS, XLSXQuality controlled data
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Stefanni SERGIO, Mirimin LUCA, Benedetti-Cecchi LISANDRO, Štifanić MAURO, Ivesa NEVEN, Gavrilovich ANA, Mandić MILICA, Lordan COLM, Stanković DAVID, Aguzzi JACOPO (2021). ATLAS - Advanced ecosysTem monitoring in ecoLogicAl obServatory. SEANOE.

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