Supporting Information of effects of Heating on AZAs

This dataset is composed by the supporting information of Kilcoyne Jane, Mccarron Pearse, Hess Philipp, Miles Christopher O. (2015). Effects of Heating on Proportions of Azaspiracids 1–10 in Mussels ( Mytilus edulis ) and Identification of Carboxylated Precursors for Azaspiracids 5, 10, 13, and 15. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(51), 10980-10987.


Biological oceanography


Table S1. Proportions of AZA1–10 in mussels
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Figure S1. Mass spectra of AZA5 and deuterated AZA5
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Figure S2. Mass spectra of AZA10 and deuterated AZA10
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Figure S3. Mass spectra of AZA13 and deuterated AZA13
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Figure S4. Mass spectra of AZA15 and deuterated AZA15
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Figure S5. Mass spectra of AZA1 and deuterated AZA1
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Figure S6. Chromatograms of hepatopancreas extract after heating
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Figure S7. Schematic of deuterium labelling
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Table S2. Decarboxylated AZAs and their precursors retention times
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